Whats it all About?

Hello everyone,

Here is another one of my ramblings about keeping your children amused and happy.

I have been an entertainer for very many years now and over the course of time have picked up on a few ideas, not only for entertaining my own children, but also other peoples as well. Some of this has been on a professional level and some on a personal one.  I have thought many times about writing a book about some of the odd things that have happened to me during the course of my professional career.  With the ever increasing awareness of the internet and my own personal interest in computers and web publishing, this webblog is possibly a start on that project.

There will be no arty stuff here, it is meant to be purely practical help, there will be no need to consult a dictionary or buy expensive cookery books.  It will all be here!

The idea is to impart as much practical and common sense advice as possible. These experiences are gleaned from a lifetime of performing in venues in diverse as holiday centres catering for hundreds of children to a small party with only one child (and yes, I have had that experience!)

Running a birthday party can be a very daunting idea for many parents.  The thought of twenty or so little people running around your carefully cleaned home can fill you with horror!

I will start later this week with some hints and tips for holiday amusements for the children.  A bit too late for this half term but hopefully you can refer back during the Christmas Holidays which will soon be upon us!

I will appreciate your feedback and please do let me know of any areas you would like me to cover.

Bye for now



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