Christmas Entertainment For You

Children’s Entertainers all over the country are getting their Christmas Show props out of cupboards and practising favourite routines and songs.  I can’t sing so I don’t inflict my voice on anyone, I do use musical routines in my shows, but rely on others to provide the soundtrack.
Most professional entertainers have a special show for the Christmas Season; it might be a little more expensive than the standard show but is well worth it for the extra bit of Christmas sparkle.  It just adds that extra bit of oomph (!)
In my own show I have new routine for the infamous Celia the Seal.  She helps to get all the children singing Jingle Bells, but still manages to create mayhem in the show.
Another favourite is Frostie the Snowman. For the past couple of seasons I have had to drop this routine from the shows because of the time factor. 
Basically, a cartoon snowman  I draw with the help of the children suddenly becomes animated and starts talking and singing! 
As you can imagine, this part of the show is very popular with both children and adults.
I have slightly different balloon modelling routine this year, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is still made but I have a comedy routine that precedes it, involving an adult member of the audience.
Most good children’s entertainers get booked early for the season, so if you need an entertainer for anytime in December, get your skates on!  It will be much easier to get someone for a weekday party than a weekend one.  If I was booking an entertainer at this time of the year and a performer still had weekend slots free, I would be asking myself why.  Good entertainers get booked from year to year and it’s common for my own clients to re-book me in January for December.   Try to hold your party on a weekday if you can, the weekend slots will almost certainly be very difficult to get.
Good Luck!

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