Please Dont Ask Entertainers To Recommend Anyone!

When an entertainer cannot accept a possible engagement because he is already booked, some people ask him to recommend someone else, seemingly overlooking the fact that they are asking him (or her) to give work to a competitor.  Many entertainers are, quite understandably, are reluctant to do that.

 There are several reasons why an entertainer will not recommend another.

 Besides commercial considerations, the main one is this…suppose an entertainer recommends a competitor and that competitor goes out and has a bad day, resulting in a poor quality performance, the booker will blame the entertainer that suggested him.

 Conversely, if the new entertainer does a brilliant job, the booker will hire him again instead of the original.  Either way the original entertainer loses out.

 I had a personal experience of this during a recent Christmas Season.  A lady rang in desperate need of a performer for the busiest day of the year, the last day of term for many schools and playgroups.  I don’t know why she was booking so late, only a week before the booking.

Unfortunately I could not help her because I had been fully booked for months.  Shortly after speaking to her, another entertainer called to say a booking had been cancelled at the last minute.  Thinking I was doing two people a good turn, I called the lady back to let her know that the other person was now available.

I did not recommend the other performer because I had never seen his show, I just let her know that he was available.   He got the booking.  About ten minutes after the end time of the engagement, my mobile rang and it was the booker, furious with me because, as she put it, I had recommended a rubbish entertainer.  I pointed out to her that I had not said he was a good entertainer; simply that he had become available.  Unfortunately she did not accept that and so my good deed had backfired big time putting my own reputation on the line!

 When I spoke to the entertainer to find out what had gone wrong, he blamed the venue, the people at it and just about anything else he could think of to try and clear his own name.

 Needless to say, I will never ever give that so-called entertainers telephone number to anyone ever again!

 So please, don’t ever ask an entertainer to recommend one of his rivals!

 Best wishes


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