Help! I Have Thirty Children at The Party & The Entertainer can’t make It…..

It is a nightmare thought for many parents….the hall has been booked, the entertainer hired, party bags organised and the games sorted out.  Then disaster… the entertainer or his wife calls to say the he is ill and cannot make the party. 

Professional entertainers will have a very good reason if they cannot make a function because their living is heavily dependent on their reliability.  If they simply have a cold or even the flu, they will still arrive if they are capable of doing so.

However, contrary to what some people may think, entertainers are only human.  They do become ill, they do have accidents and they are as susceptible as all of us to getting stuck in traffic jams.

 I remember a few years ago an entertainer in my area slipped and broke his hip, at his busiest time of the year.  It was obvious he could not work for several weeks and his wife quickly let all his clients know that he was out of action.  Was there any sympathy  for the performer in his plight?  After all. the poor man didn’t cancel his bookings because he wanted to, he simply had no choice.  No there wasn’t, the clients his wife contacted were rude and downright nasty when she called.  They virtually accused them of deliberately breaking his hip so that he would not have to do the show.  How ridiculous can you get?  Other entertainers did their best to help out, but since it was a very busy period, most of them were fully booked as well.

 On the other side of the coin, it has to be said, there are some (not all) semi-pros out there, who have no problem at all about cancelling a booking because they don’t feel like doing it.

I had one lady call me a few years back who had booked an entertainer.  He called her on the morning of the party to say he could not make it because…..wait for it….HE HAD TO TAKE HIS WIFE SHOPPING.  I sincerely hope that particular ‘entertainer’ did not last for long. 

I know it is tempting, especially if the budget is tight, to book a cheap entertainer. For your own peace of mind though, do check that the performer is reliable.  A cheap entertainer is very expensive if they don’t turn up on the day, leaving you with twenty or thirty children to entertain and and you have nothing prepared.

To be truthful, you are much safer hiring an entertainer who costs a bit more and is professional than going for the cheaper and possibly not reliable, alternative.

In my next blog, I will give you some practical tips to deal with a party on your own if your entertainer is going to be late or cannot make it.

 Bye 4 now


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