Party Games Part One

When I started to write this post, I thought I might just include one or two favourite games and then move onto another topic.

Silly me, I suddenly realised that there are loads of games which I have used in the past, and for some reason or other have not done so lately. For no particular reason, I sometimes change a programme, perhaps because of a repeat booking.  So this set of posts might be rather longer than first planned.  I hope you don’t mind, but you will have loads to be going on with by the time I get through them all. 

Be aware some games are not suitable for certain venues.

Let’s start off with a great game for most age groups.

 Cat and Mouse

 Requirements: A reasonable amount of space and something like a football rattle, bell or whistle to start and stop the game. (Loud voice might do in an emergency!)

 All the children stand in a circle, holding hands.  This is the mouse hole.

One person becomes a cat and starts the game on the outside of the circle.  Another child becomes the Mouse and starts inside the circle.

The idea is, the cat has to catch the mouse and the mouse has to escape by running in and out of the circle (mouse hole) and around it.  The cat tries to catch the mouse.  If the mouse wants to enter or leave the circle, the children around the outside raise their hands to let the mouse through.  If the cat wants to go into or out of the circle, the children try to prevent this by raising their hands or bobbing up and down.

The children get quite excited during this game and are frequently egged on by the adults!

Make sure you have plenty of room for this game, outdoors is ideal.  Do impress on the children that as soon as you blow the whistle (or whatever) they must stop still.

 Make sure the children know they must only run around the circle and in and out of it; otherwise you might lose them in next doors garden or somewhere.

 Pass the Parcel

 This is a game you will rarely see me ask the children to play.  To be honest I think it an awful game.  You can never predict how long it will take, you end up with a pile of newspapers on the floor, everyone ends up with black fingers from the newsprint and the parcel takes forever to make up.  In addition to all that, some children keep the parcel too long, thus slowing the game down, and some pass it too quickly, which can be a problem if you are trying to make sure each child wins a sweetie between each wrapper.

I have included this game for the sake of completeness, but to be honest I hate the thing.  I’m sure many of you will disagree with me on this one.

I do have my own variation on this game, which is a lot less messy, but I seldom use it.

In case anyone does not know the game, all the children sit around in a circle. A wrapped parcel is handed to the first child (usually the birthday child) and some music plays.  The children pass the parcel from one person to the next until the music stops.  At that point the child holding the parcel removes one layer of the wrapping and finds a sweetie there.  They keep the sweetie, the parcel is passed to the child on the left, the music starts again and so it carries on until all the layers of paper on the parcel have been removed.  Inside the final wrapper is the main prize.

If there are a lot of children two circles can be formed at the same time.

Biscuit Decorating

 In your local supermarket you can buy ready made cake icing in various colours.

These are in squeezable tubes, easily handled by children.

You can either do this around a table or sitting round an old sheet on the floor..

 Give each child a large round biscuit, such as Rich Tea, and they use the icing to decorate it.  You could use two teams for this, for example boys versus girls, or of course individual ones. This can take several minutes and the children take home their artwork, or eat them with the birthday tea.

Have some wet wipes handy and make sure the children are not doing this on your best carpet.

 Ok that’s three to be going on with; I will post more later in the week.

Bye for now


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