Yet More Games and Stunts!


Sometimes people like to scatter balloons on the floor at the start of the party.  They do look very attractive, but the trouble is, some children like to stamp on them and make other children cry!
However, here is something that utilises scattered balloons as a game.

This could be the simplest competition that I have used.  It can also be very funny.

The object of the competition is for one person, in a set time, to collect as many balloons off the floor as possible.  At the end of the set time, they have to walk with all the collected balloons to a set spot.  The winner of the game is the person who collects the most.  They are allowed to carry balloons anyway they can, in their arms, under the arms, between the legs etc.
Another way to make this really funny is to get the adults doing it.  Try to have different shaped balloons on the floor.
Try this one it can be hilarious!

If you have time to prepare for the party, another competition I used successfully at holiday camps and parties is this.


You need to collect together a load of different items for this game, such as bottle tops, corks, matchboxes, tin lids, pins and drawing pins, yogurt tubs, pieces of string, old envelopes, magazine pages, toilet roll tubes, aluminium foil etc etc.
Plus anything else you can think of. In a shoe box or carrier bag you place an assortment of items, and you will need an identical set for each team.
The object of the game is to design the most impressive sculpture from the collection of articles.
The children can get very involved in this game, which can be kept going for quite a long time!


For this competition you need a large sheet of paper and a felt tip pen.
On the paper you draw a squiggly or straight line, and, in turn, each competitor adds a line or squiggle.  The winning person is the one who adds his or her line or squiggle and someone recognises the picture as something.  This can be very good for smaller children, as their imaginations usually come up with something within about 4 or 5 lines or squiggles.

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