Keep your little guests busy!

It is a  fact that organizing a special event is not an easy undertaking.  There are a lot of things to bear in mind – food, venues, guests, entertainer, and other effects.  If you hire a party organizer, it may be less of a problem but maybe not all worry-free.  Once in a while, you still have to check if your hired organizer is still working within the terms, objectives, and of course, the agreed budget.  You have to be on top overseeing that everything is done perfectly.  Without an organizer, though, it makes it doubly difficult to systematize the preparation process.  You have to meet with the suppliers one by one, inquiring about their rates, their style, what made them different from the competitors, seeing samples or portfolio, etc.  You would need your friends and/or relatives to take part because you would definitely need other people’s opinion for these kind of decision-making, especially knowing that it will directly affect a lot of individuals, a.k.a your guests.  

Assuming that you have prepared as planned, you, being both host and organizer will have to get ready for the big day.  Be prepared for any last minute hitches that might ruin all your preparations.  After all, we are talking about a children’s party!  Anything can happen especially if you fail to control either the boredom or unruliness of toddlers.  It is best to come in prepared for the big day, for your sake and for everyone’s enjoyment as well.  So instead of making them wait for the start of the program, let’s prepare activities for the little ones and keep them busy!  

Face painting

Face painting is very popular at a children’s party,  All you need is an artist – not necessarily a professional but someone who has artistic abilities in drawing and painting, and face paint with paint brush.  You may want to make a folder of simple yet cool, if possible, colorful designs that will serve as guide of the artist, and at the same time allows children to choose their favourite.

Fake tattoo

Should you find face painting complicated to execute, having fake tattoos is a more convenient and less messy way to keep the children occupied.  I’m sure you are familiar with those stickers that you have to wet first before sticking to your body and having it dried for about a few minutes?  This process, while very simple, will contribute so much to the crowd behavior control.  These children, no matter how impatient they are will be forced to wait in line until their turn comes and will be more than willing to wait to have their tattoos dried up, just so they can have theirs perfectly made.  All you need is someone who could manage the body-sticking process, and tons of tattoo stickers.  Allow a maximum of three tattoos per person , to be placed in either arm, cheek, or at the back of the palm.  

Photo op

In occasions like these, pictures are the best memorabilia.  So before your programme starts, have the children line up for a superstar photo shoot.  Have them give names and contact details, and their parents’ or guardians’ email addresses.  Tell them that within the week, their photos will be sent thru email.  You don’t need a professional photographer to do this, just a simple digital camera   Just prepare a good backdrop or two, and a few props that the little stars may wear or hold – hat, scarf, shades, headbands with animal horns, angel wings, fairy wands, crown, guns, swords, stuffed toys etc.  Be sure, though, to match your backdrop with the props to create a make-believe scene.  

Setup a play area

If your venue has no playground, this might be a little expensive but worth it.  Renting slides, swings, monkey bars and a candy house where the children can run around, certainly will keep their energy levels rising but contained within the play area.  You don’t have to have all these playground paraphernalia, maybe just one or two will do, ensuring though that all of your  guests will be accommodated.  Keeping the children away from where the food, sound system, and other important equipment are set up, will minimize possible trouble.  Plus, the children will totally love playing around together!

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