No Need To Bankrupt Yourself!

It’s not necessary to spend a huge fortune on a children’s party, there are several things you can do to keep costs down and in these dodgy financial times, it is perhaps wise to do so.

In my local supermarket, a rather small, iced birthday cake sells for around £25.00 ($37.00), which seems a lot when u consider it is going to be cut up into small bits anyway. So, why not make your own?  You might say, because I can’t cook!  But if you are not brilliant in the kitchen you can easily make up shapes from existing items you can buy off the shelf in your local store.  For example, it the birthday child is going to be eight years old, why not purchase two round sponges from the shop, cut a round hole in the centre, place them side by side and suddenly you have a number 8 birthday cake ready to ice.  And at a fraction of the cost of having one made. You can get the birthday boy or girl to help with the decorating and so they can feel involved if you wish.

If you want to make a castle, use square cakes for the main body, and put upended Swiss rolls on the corners for the turrets.  If you want pointy fairy castle types, put upended ice cream cones on top of the turrets. 

You can use a number of different cake shapes to achieve different effects.  Trains can be made from Swiss rolls, as can caterpillars and worms, snails can be made from a round sponge on it’s side with a swiss roll (shape the end a bit) for the body. 

Once these cakes are covered in icing they can look fantastic.  You are limited only by your imagination. The secret is to start the cake a day or two before the party. You don’t want a last minute rush the night before, or worse still on the morning of the big day!

The cake does not have to be perfect, the children won’t mind in the least, so don’t worry if it does not turn out exactly as you thought it would, after all, you are really the only who knows what it should have been!

Above all, have fun and be creative. 


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