Great Christmas Parties

Having just had a very busy weekend of functions, I would like to thank everyone for their very warm response to the shows.

Actually all this weekends shows were very enjoyable for me.  It is a bit of a shame though that some parents have to spoil a party by loudly chattering when an entertainer is trying to do his (or her) job.   

I admit I tend to get a bit irritated with people that prevent me from doing my job properly.  After all, because I am one of the most experienced entertainers in the area, I get paid quite a lot of money for what I do. 

Of course people like to have a chat with their friends at a function, no one expects them to sit without talking for a couple of hours, but it is nice when the adults keep the volume low. 

It is very difficult to talk quietly to children if there is a large amount of noise from chattering adults, that cannot or will not,  respect the hosts of the function and indeed, their own children, by keeping voices to a low volume. For a professional, it is incredibly frustrating to have years of experience wasted because of rude adults. 

OK, I own up to the fact that this is one of my pet gripes.   

I sometimes wonder what those same adults would do if they paid loads of money out for theatre tickets and then I came and sat behind them with a load of small noisy children.  I bet they would soon be at the box office complaining that they had wasted their money!  

When children’s entertainers meet up at a convention or Union meeting, noisy adults are frequently one of the main topics of conversation, as it is on our bulletin boards.It is a great shame that some people cannot be more considerate.


Bye 4 now



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